Product Benefits

  • Improve customer, supplier and employee service- by initiating business processes as soon as documents are received, reducing latency and delays
  • Reduce the cost of manual document sorting-and data entry by up to 80% in individual departments or across the organization
  • Minimize the risk of fines and damage- to business reputation that arise from non-compliance by ensuring that paper-based information is stored securely
  • Improve staff productivity- by allowing knowledge workers to focus on value-adding tasks rather than time-consuming document sorting and data entry
  • Ensure business continuity-in the event of flood, fire and other catastrophic events by reducing the amount of unsecured paper moving around the organization
  • Improve control- by tracking and auditing documents from the point they are received at central and remote sites
  • Improve visibility-of information within the organization by converting paper documents into electronic information that can be shared easily between multiple employees and departments
  • Increase data quality-by eliminating human data entry errors, reducing costly and disruptive exceptions in downstream business processes
  • Free-up expensive office space- by eliminating on-site long-term paper storage requirements

Customer Solutions

Accounting: Expense reports, invoices, statements, purchase orders, time cards Production: Work orders, requisition forms, shipping documents, receiving documents Legal: Case documents, client engagements, contracts
Human Resources: Application forms, enrollment, evaluations, request forms, consent forms Customer Service: Order forms, warranty claims, service requests, consultation forms, work authorizations Pharmaceutical: Case report forms, patient surveys, research forms
Government: License applications, census forms, tax forms, vehicle registration forms, business and building permit applications Education: Student applications, test results, financial aid applications Healthcare: Claim forms, prescription orders, patient encounter forms
Production: Work orders, requisition forms, shipping documents, receiving documents Finance: Loan applications, credit reports, new account applications, claims forms

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