With TeleForm V10.8 you can Capture, Categorize, and use All document types

  • Multi-channel capture-Captures information from documents received via post, fax, email, the internet and mobile devices
  • Intelligent Document Classification-Automatically categorizes captured content by leveraging IDOL’s ability to understand the concepts in even the most complex documents
  • Intelligent Document Recognition-Extracts individual fields, multiple lines or entire tables of information
  • Remote Capture-Captures documents at the point they are received using remote capture via FTP and the internet to eliminate shipping costs and delays
  • Mobile Capture-Uses your mobile device like a scanner with autom image correction
  • Validation-Uses business rules and logic to implement checksum algorithms, perform cross-field validation and verifies information against external data sources

Why TeleForm?

  • Provides a single scalable platform for capturing all documents at the point they are received by the organization, across different departments, businesses and geographies.
  • Offers unrivalled flexibility to capture information from paper and electronic documents and seamlessly incorporate it into secure, automated business processes.
  • Leverages Autonomy IDOL technology to index over 1,000 file types, 400+ data sources and content in any language.
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