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NESS is an experienced questionnaire / survey solutions company providing our clients with a full range of survey data collection services. Our survey services range from offering one-on-one personal interviewing to utilizing the latest computer-assisted technologies. We use the leading edge methodologies in all our computer assisted surveys. All surveys are tailored specifically to the clients' needs and goals. We implement sophisticated tracking and monitoring systems for each survey conducted.

We are a Boston based company expertly skilled in the design, development, and support of survey instruments and automated systems for use in clinical and epidemiologic data collection, management and analysis. In the course of design, implementation and management of the logistics of your studies, you may find it quite attractive to use our services

NESS’s wide range of research support includes:

  • Multimode data collection (all forms of data collection including concurrent methods)
    • Web Surveys (with intelligent branching and real time validation)
    • Machine Readable Paper Surveys (with data verification)
    • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)
    • Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI)
  • Software Tracking Systems to manage participant responses and med record data
  • Validated medical record abstraction
  • Coding engine to code text responses
  • Creation of analysis datasets from multiple data sources (merging)
  • Automatic porting of data collected in relational databases to flat files with value lists defined in proper syntax for your analysis tool of choice
  • Storage and back-up of personal identifier variables separate from other study variables
  • Understanding of IRB, Regulatory issues and confidentiality issues
  • High security systems
  • Real time visibility to your collected data
  • Excellent documentation and Reports
  • Analysis and analysis support (SAS, SPSS, etc)

NESS · 1415 beacon st brookline, ma 02446 · (617)738-1800 · support@neform.com